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I rediscovered an old game I wrote (Aug 2021)
I wrote an adventure game on the BBC Micro back in the day, and I found it archived here. Neat. It's also locally available in the files section, and directly playable here!
Removing attachments from tickets in OTRS (Jan 2019)
I didn't see this information easily accessible anywhere, so here's a quick howto on how to remove attachments from tickets in OTRS.
Damned Mini CD's (Dec 2014)
Whoever thought Mini CD's were a great invention .. obviously didn't own or consider anyone with a MacBook Pro. Yes, if you're stupid enough to insert one of these in your MBP (sellers on AliExpress and DealExtreme appear to supply their drivers on these things), you will have to resort to Other Means(tm) than the Mac's eject button to get it out.

My old man would have used a fork, but that would void warranty, so what to do?

Turn the machine off, close the lid, sit down and take a good hold of your Mac. Then, making sure you're not covering the CD slot, with the Mac held vertically, bring it down firmly onto your leg (so the CD slot is facing the floor). One good tap should bring the CD out.
Riding Rockets (Jan 2012)
Mike Mullane's book about his life as a NASA astronaut and Shuttle mission specialist in the 1980's is an excellent book where political correctness is pretty much absent. It should be on the bookshelf of anyone who is remotely interested in spaceflight -- it is well written, full of insight, entertaining, and for me, able to bring forth both tears of joy and loss. Thank you, sir!
Developing for Android (Mar 2010)
So, I received an HTC Hero last year, and after playing around with it for a while, I decided to release a beta version of one of my projects to the public (oh dear!). Consumers of the application can view the results here, while Android owners can download the application from the Market. It's called RoughlyHere, and uses mobile provider based GPS positioning to give people a rough idea about your whereabouts. Peruse the documentation RoughlyHere for more information.
Books (Mar 2009)
Uh, I got editor credits in Gordon Lyon's Nmap book. You might want to check it out, it's pretty good (see http://nmap.org/book/ for reviews and more information). In other news, I recently read 4 books on the SR-71 "Blackbird": Blackbird Rising: Birth of an Aviation Legend (Donn A Byrnes (Col. USAF (Ret)), SR-71 Revealed: The Inside Story, SR-71 Blackbird: Stories, Tales and Legends, and Flying the SR-71 Blackbird (all three by Rich Graham (Col. USAF (Ret))). If you are at all interested in some spectacular aviation history, you might want to order these (I ordered mine directly from the authors).