"UK campaigners NO2ID this morning enlisted the help of bloggers across the world to spread a leaked government document describing how the British government intends to go about "coercing" its citizens onto a National Identity Register. The 'ID card' is revealed as little more than a cover to create a official dossier and trackable ID for every UK resident - creating what NO2ID calls 'the database state'."

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I wrote and released a paper on security issues regarding shared firewalls a while back. Check it out here.
Some notes on the Dream Multimedia Dreambox DM7000. Mostly "notes to self", really.
The programs below are just a few small utilities I've found useful. Other people have too, it seems. tcpdump2ascii just passed 1600 downloads around 02 Dec 1999.

xbiso v1.6 (30/6/2004)
XBISO is an XBOX ISO extractor written in Perl. It can extract the contents of an XBOX ISO file to disk, or directly to the XBOX via FTP.

This version of is a modified port of Tonto Rosenfaunt's original 'xbiso', which was written in C. Though his version supports FTP, I couldn't find any version of libftp which would link with it (I was probably too lame/lazy to find the right one).

New in v1.6:

  • really fixed the size=0 bug, honest.

New in v1.5:

  • fixed problem with extracting to an existing directory

New in v1.3:

  • fixed crash for when files had size 0
  • changed default $tmpdir to CWD, suggested by matti hiljanen

New in v1.2:

  • Untested "xiso" support
  • Error reporting cleanups
  • Code cleanups


Version 0.41 is the last stable release I wrote.
Please go to
for the latest, coolest, versions, starting from version 1.00.

If you still want the old original stuff, it's here:

whatpix v0.41 (08/05/2000)
WhatPix is a small perl program which keeps a database of MD5 checksums of files. It was written to supplement Usenet binary decoders (such as 'aub'), in that they (usually) indiscriminately download files you already have.

By using WhatPix, you will soon see that duplicate files are a thing of the past!


v0.41 (c) 08/05/2000 (bugfix)
  • fixed file test (-f && -r)
v0.40 05/05/2000 (updates)
  • removed need for md5sum
  • added SHA1 hash as default algorithm
v0.30 23/11/1999 (feature enhancement)
  • new option -r (rename)
  • new option -rdir (change rename directory)
v0.20 25/10/1999 (feature enhancement)
  • traverses directories (added by Fedor Zuev)
v0.10 23/9/1999 (feature enhancements)
  • uses Getopt (
  • new option -md5 (choose optional path to md5sum binary)
  • new option -e (erase files if found in database)
  • only displays new duplicate files
v0.00 28/7/1999 (initial release)

Requires: Perl (w/GetOpt, Digest::MD5 and Digest::SHA1 modules)

tcpdump2ascii v2.10 (23/05/2000)
tcpdump2ascii is a small perl utility which parses the hex output from 'tcpdump -x -l' and displays this as ASCII.


v2.10 24/5/2000 (bugfixes, new options)
  • bug fixed in TCP -snoop code
  • options t,x,S by
v2.00 10/03/2000 (feature enhancements)
  • decodes TCP and UDP headers
  • "snoop"-like output
v1.00 09/09/1999 (initial release)

Requires: Perl, tcpdump, uses Getopt::Long and Socket

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